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The Qudah Law Office

A Tradition of Talent, Passion, and Dedication

With The Qudah Law Office, your case is our priority. Our Attorney, Mr. Hamdan Qudah is committed to excellence and has been successfully representing our clients for nearly 15 years. Take a look at our site to find out more.


Focus on Results

Contact us today to schedule a confidential in-person or telephonic consultation with our experienced immigration attorney, Mr. Hamdan Qudah.


Let us help you figure out your best next steps are. The sooner you have a plan of action, the better your chances of taking the correct steps to get the results you want.

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The Qudah Law Office's Clients

Valued Feedback

"Excellent Service"

"Excellent experience. I wouldd certainly recommend him to anyone. Mr. Hamdan Qudah helped with my citizenship application. He knew all the details of the process and carefully walked me through the steps on the first consult. His knowledge on immigration matters is incredible. Also, he was able to do the bulk of the communication via email promptly, often within a few hours. He provided reminders of each appointment. " - Andrew

"We made the right choice"

" We hired the Law Office of Hamdan qudah immediately when my husband faced a deportation proceedings. He had a tremendously complicated case, yet they were able to reopen it by the Board of Immigration Appeals and follow through to finish by acquiring a green card for him. His Attorney was Mr. Qudah himself, he is highly ethical, professional, trustworthy, and attentive. He made our dreams come true by helping keep our family together. Would highly recommend. We made the right choice. " -  Sami Martinez 

" Grateful "

" I highly recommend Mr. Qudah.. He is extremely caring, kind and determined professional. Absolutely reliable to get the job done. Highly recommended. Our family is truly grateful for his advice and professionalism. A master of his field.


Recomiendo mucho al Senor Qudah. El es extremadamente atento, amable y determinado profesional. Absolutamente confiable para hacer el trabajo. Muy recomendable. Nuestra familia está verdaderamente agradecida por sus consejos y profesionalismo. El es un maestro en su campo. " 


100 % recomendado

"El abogado Hamdan me parece un excelente abogado, tuve una consulta telefónica con el y aclaró todas mis dudas y me ayudó en todo lo que pudo con respecto a mi caso, es muy agradable y muy buen abogado, al abogado Qudah me lo recomendo otro abogado por los casos que ha ganado y por los méritos que tiene el abogado Qudah, se lo recomiendo a cualquier persona que tenga un caso de inmigración. " -Celina 

شكرا جزيلا

" أودّ ان اشكر الدكتور المحامي حمدان القضاه محامي الهجرة في أمريكا على خدماته القانونيه التي قدمها لي ولأسرتي. كم رائع أن تجد محامي عربي في أمريكا ليخدمك بكفاءه ويحقق هدفك بدون مغالاة في السعر أو تقصير في الخدمة. المحامي حمدان القضاة استلم معاملة هجرة بناءً على استثمار لي في أمريكا واستطاع خلال فترة قياسيه ان يحقق الهدف المنشود بمثابرة وجهد مخلص. أحس انني مدين له بهذه التزكيه ولن أنسى أبداً اخلاقه الكريمه الأصيله.  "

" Excellent Attorney , Safe to hire "

" Mr.Qudah is the best choice I made for my immigration case . He is an excellent attorney. I hired Mr. Qudah to do my immigration case, and he took care of everything and stayed on top of my case until it was resolved, he is truly so professional in his job and he is willing to answer my calls all the time, also his staff is so nice and professional. He delivered everything he promised , and he was right on the money . thank you Mr. Qudah. "

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